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  • 28 Jan 2013 1:33 PM | NFA AdminAssistant (Administrator)
    This week the AAUP released a statement outlining additional protections for contingent faculty, often called "adjunct" faculty. This report follows a draft that the AAUP released in June 2012.

    This report suggested expanding the voting and governance rights of tenure-track faculty to all faculty who teach and/or conduct research. With many universities moving toward a majority of faculty who fall into the contingent category, the AAUP urges greater inclusion and protections.

    The Nevada Faculty Alliance is currently looking for more adjunct/part-time members to participate in governance. If you are a part-time NFA member and would like to become more involved in your NFA, please contact NFA President Angela Brommel or your chapter president. Contact information can be found through the link below.

    The AAUP Report...

  • 21 Jan 2013 11:20 AM | NFA AdminAssistant (Administrator)
    Governor Sandoval presented his State of the State address on Wednesday, January 15 in Carson City. In his address, he promised to restore merit and bring much needed funds into higher education in Nevada. But is his plan enough? Click on the links below to read a piece in the Review Journal. Below you will also find links to the text of both Governor Sandoval's speech and Senate Majority Leader Mo Denis' response.

    Review Journal article...

    Click here for the Governor's Speech...
    Click here for Sen. Mo Denis' Response...
  • 14 Jan 2013 8:35 PM | NFA AdminAssistant (Administrator)

    A new book challenges what has been thought of as common knowledge: professors do not make good teachers, especially professors at research institutions.

    A qualitative study of 55 professors representing a range disciplines, teaching excellence, and demographics were interviewed in depth on their approach to teaching in higher education. Contrary to how many professors are viewed, the studied demonstrated that for those working in higher education teaching is an iterative process that one professor likened to the movie "Groundhog Day." Many professors reported a continual adjusting and improving of courses over years, while others stated their concern for teaching quality often caused them to overprepare.

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  • 09 Jan 2013 2:05 PM | NFA AdminAssistant (Administrator)
    The Board of Regents will hold a special meeting this Friday, January 11 from 9:00 am in UNLV's Student Union. Click the link below to access this meeting's agenda.
  • 07 Jan 2013 11:10 AM | NFA AdminAssistant (Administrator)
    A new study from researchers at the Educational Testing Service (one of the major providers of assessment tests) demonstrated the importance of student motivation in assessing what a student has learned throughout their college career.

    This study showed that students, who were told their assessment test would be shared with university professors, scored significantly higher than those who believed that only the research team would view their scores.

    This study raises important questions not only for assessment but also for other standardized low-stakes tests.

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  • 31 Dec 2012 11:14 AM | NFA AdminAssistant (Administrator)
    2012 saw many changes in the politics of ed-tech. The year began with regular Internet users and the titans of Internet technology defeating SOPA and PIPA. As the year progressed, we saw a marked upsurge in lobbying dollars spent by such companies as Google, Microsoft, and Facebook. At the state level, ALEC has taken aim at education including advocating the penalization of students who take more than four years to complete college.

    Examining these and other happenings in ed and ed-tech, this article from Inside Higher Ed reviews what we've seen in 2012.

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  • 24 Dec 2012 11:41 AM | NFA AdminAssistant (Administrator)

    As of January 1, 2013 the AAUP will be restructured into three entities: the AAUP Foundation, The AAUP Collective Bargaining Congress, and the AAUP.

    The AAUP Foundation, a 502(c)(3), will conduct fundraising for education and support programs. The AAUP-CBC will function as a labor union advocating for unionization and collective bargaining, while the AAUP, a 501(c)(6) professional organization, will support "advocacy" chapters.

    State conferences will remain unchanged with this transition.

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  • 18 Dec 2012 8:56 AM | NFA AdminAssistant (Administrator)
    The AAUP released a new policy that argues against the appropriateness of blanket confidentiality agreements for faculty serving on committees engaged in shared governance.

    While there has been a trend recently toward requiring faculty to sign confidentiality statements when serving on these committees, the AAUP contends that such blanket agreements hinder faculty's ability to represent the concerns and interests of the colleagues on behalf of whom they are to act.

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  • 31 Oct 2012 4:02 PM | ANGELA BROMMEL

    The Nevada Faculty Alliance wishes to remind our members and community supporters that the complete NFA PAC endorsements can be found in the fall issue of The Alliance and in the online edition found on our website. 

    The following candidates for the U.S.  Senate and Congress have a proven record of excellence when advocating for higher education in Nevada. Each has exhibited a proven commitment to seeking out input from faculty as key stakeholders in quality, public higher education. 

    Shelley Berkeley for Senate

    Former regent an and longtime support of the NSHE and NFA, Congresswoman Shelley Berkeley has a record of working to keep college affordable – and to support, in particular, veterans seeking to return to college – and merits our endorsement.

    Dina Titus for Congress (1)

    During her prior term in congress longtime UNLV faculty member and NFA member Dina Titus showed her commitment not only to our issues but to us as constituents, and we enthusiastically back her campaign to return to congress.

    John Ocegura for Congress (3)

    The former Nevada State Assembly Speaker and former student of no fewer than four NSHE campuses, Ocegura has taken positions in support of the president’s agenda for college affordability and degree completion.

    Steven Horsford for Congress (4)

    As Nevada Senate Majority Leader, Horsford showed himself to be a passionate and deeply intelligent advocate for students and quality public education.  In 2011 he led the successful campaign to reduce the deep cuts proposed to NSHE. 

    Horsford has a proven record of commitment and achievement in keeping higher education more affordable for Nevada families. Not only has he long been a strong voice for keeping costs to students down but he also took the lead in the legislature and accomplished what others tried for years but could not -- he passed a bill to study the system of financing higher education which had remained unchanged for decades. Then he took the lead as chair of the study committee to make higher education in Nevada more efficient and more productive.

    This year, he brought clear thinking, careful management and a shrewd eye for detail as chair of the most important state level discussion of higher education policy in a generation, the interim legislative funding formula study committee. Throughout the process, he sought input from faculty across the state, and in his campaign he has made a priority of advocating for college access and affordability.  Even if his opponent had not called for the extreme position of calling for the abolition of the federal Department for Education – and with it all of federal financial aid (which is the case) – Horsford would be the clear choice for Nevada’s new fourth congressional seat.

    There has been no legislator more committed to making college more affordable in Nevada and no candidate in this year's election better prepared to take this fight for access and affordability to Washington.

  • 24 Sep 2012 4:58 PM | NFA AdminAssistant (Administrator)
    The Maxine S. Jacobs Foundation, the Nevada Department of Employment, Rehabilitation, and Training (DETR), and Truckee Meadows Community College (TMCC) will be announcing a public-private collaboration that will provide scholarships to qualified unemployed Nevadans. Funds will come from the Maxine S. Jacobs Foundation, recipient recruitment will be provided by DETR, and screening and instruction will be supplied by TMCC.

    Details on this scholarship program will be presented on October 2 at 10:00am at the V. James Eardley Student Services Center, Red Mountain Building on the TMCC Dandini Campus. Questions may also be directed to Kate Kirkpatrick at 775-673-7206 or
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