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Benefits and Services

Affiliate Benefits

Your NFA membership gives you exclusive access to the expertise of staff, members, and leaders in the NFA, AAUP and AFT.

Members also enjoy a variety of member-only advantages, available through our national affiliates. These include retail and travel discounts, educational programs, mortgage services, and special offers that add up to substantial savings. Affiliate insurance programs offer a wide variety of products to further enhance the value of your membership. 

To learn more, visit the links below.

Workplace Support

Membership in the Nevada Faculty Alliance shows that you care for your profession, your colleagues, and your students. Members have the additional benefits of legal guidance for workplace disputes and access to a legal defense fund based on a case's merits and circumstances. 

NFA represents your interests in the state through our lobbying efforts as well as through legal defense work to defend NSHE workers' rights and privileges. To these ends, we also work with other lobbyists and legal advisers to influence education policy and work toward due process in employment-related matters.

We encourage you to examine these member services by visiting the links below.

Contact Us:

Office: 702-530-4NFA (4632)



840 S. Rancho Drive

Suite 4-571

Las Vegas, NV 89106

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