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Legislative Update 4/23/2017

23 Apr 2017 4:41 PM | Deleted user

The deadline for passage of bills in the first house is Tuesday April 25. For complete information on bills we are tracking, please see our updated bill watch list. Contact your Senator or Assemblymember now to try to influence the marathon voting on Monday and Tuesday. Telephone calls are best, or e-mails from your personal address. Also register your opinion online on the latest versions of bills (include your address to allow tracking by district).

Our primary issue of faculty compensation including merit steps will come to the fore with the Economic Forum revenue projections on May 1 and budget hearings shortly thereafter. Bills of particular interest with 4/25 deadlines are listed below.

SB502 As amended with help of NFA and its public employee coalition partners, adds second NSHE representative to PEBP Board and removed bad 'advisory' board provisions. Clarifies RFP procedures for PEBP and Nevada Deferred Compensation Program. NFA in support of amended bill.

SB391 Nevada Promise Scholarship for community college students. Supplements other financial aid programs.

AJR5 Constitutional amendment would remove Board of Regents, its authority, duties and election requirement from Nevada Constitution, making NSHE just another state agency subject to legislative and executive branch oversight. NFA opposed.

AB407 Splits Cooperative Extension north/south, transferring three counties form UNR to UNLV. Designates UNLV and DRI in addition to UNR as Land Grant institutions. NFA has serious concerns about faculty employment rights with expected terminations of southern UNCE employees and about lack of shard governance consultation in institutional reorganization. Advocated by Lincy Institute. Opposed by UNR and UNCE.

AB390 Whistleblower protections for state employees who report that state officials lied to legislators, former legislators, and their employees and former employees. Spending and Governmental Efficiency (SAGE) commission for NSHE. Amended to remove $20000/yr stipend for Regents.

AB16 Requires NSHE or UNR to provide higher funding for matching county funds for Cooperative Extension. No funding in current bill. NSHE fiscal note is $10M unfunded mandate for UNR (and UNLV if AB407 becomes law).

AB188 Would expand Silver State Opportunity Grants for community college students, eligibility reduced to 12 credits (as amended, from 15 currently). NFA supports.

Best regards,

Dr. Kent M. Ervin

Legislative Liaison, Nevada Faculty Alliance




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