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NFA endorsements for 2016 election

20 Oct 2016 1:11 PM | Deleted user

NFA's Southern and Northern Political Action Committees have completed their endorsement processes for the upcoming election. We spoke to many candidates about the need to increase funding for higher education, particularly faculty compensation. Our endorsements are as follows:



District 1: Patricia Spearman

District 3: Tick Segerblom

District 4: Kelvin Atkinson

District 5: Joyce Woodhouse

District 6: Nicole Cannizzaro

District 7: David Parks

District 11: Aaron Ford

District 18: Alexander Marks


District 1: Daniele Monroe-Moreno

District 3: Nelson Araujo

District 4: John Piro

District 5: Brittney Miller

District 6: William McCurdy II

District 7: Dina Neal

District 8: Jason Frierson

District 9: Steve Yeager

District 10: Chris Brooks

District 11: Olivia Diaz

District 12: James Ohrenschall

District 14: Maggie Carlton

District 15: Elliot Anderson

District 16: Heidi Swank

District 17: Tyrone Thompson

District 18: Richard Carrillo

District 20: Ellen Spiegel

District 21: Ozzie Fumo

District 28: Edgar Flores

District 29: Lesley Cohen

District 34: Shannon Bilbray-Axelrod

District 37: Sean Lyttle

District 42: Irene Bustamante-Adams



District 13: Julia Ratti

District 15: No endorsement was made in this race, due to the excellent credentials of both Heidi Gansert and Devon Reese. Both candidates have very good, but different, credentials to serve in the Nevada Senate. Heidi Gansert has extensive experience with legislative matters and knows the NSHE budget process well, having worked for UNR for the past three years. Devon Reese is an articulate, up and coming attorney who voices very strong support for higher education, and is looking for ways to increase funding for the Nevada System of Higher Education.


District 24: Amber Joiner

District 25: Jill Tolles

District 27: Teresa Benitez Thompson

District 30: Mike Sprinkle

District 31: Skip Daly


District 6: Michael Wixom

District 7: Mark Doubrava

District 8: Cathy McAdoo

District 9: Sara LaFrance

District 11: Jason Geddes

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