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New members of the Board of Regents

19 Nov 2022 3:50 PM | Kent Ervin (Administrator)

The NFA congratulations and welcomes the newly elected members of the Board of Regents.  We look forward to working with them in our mission to empower faculty members to help students succeed, to advance affordable higher education, to promote academic freedom and shared governance, and to use collective bargaining to help achieve these goals.

  • RD 6  Heather Brown
  • RD 7 Susan Brager
  • RD 8 Shelly Crawford
  • RD 11 Jeffrey Downs
  • RD 13 Stephanie Goodman

For members' convenience, we have collected the responses of the winning candidates to our pre-election questionnaire here:

New Regents' Responses to 2022 NFA Candidate Questionnaire

While we don't agree with every position of every new Regents, we know they all support higher education as a common good and we appreciate that they have all engaged with the NFA.

Final election results:

University Board of Regents, District 6

Candidate Votes
Brown, Heather (NP) 44,477 (62.6% )
Dakduk, Jeanine (NP) 26,569 (37.4% )
Total Votes 71,046

University Board of Regents, District 7

Candidate Votes
Brager, Susan (NP) 41,710 (58.4% )
Crete, David "Coach" (NP) 29,764 (41.6% )
Total Votes 71,474

University Board of Regents, District 8

Candidate Votes
Crawford, Michelee "Shelly" (NP) 38,307 (54.1% )
Rice, John Patrick (NP) 32,485 (45.9% )
Total Votes 70,792

University Board of Regents, District 11

Candidate Votes
Downs, Jeffrey (NP) 34,560 (54.1% )
Laden, Steve (NP) 29,350 (45.9% )
Total Votes 63,910

University Board of Regents, District 13

Candidate Votes
Goodman, Stephanie (NP) 42,091 (60.6% )
Moran, John (NP) 27,366 (39.4% )
Total Votes 69,457

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