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NFA encourages member engagement in CFA labor action against CSU

18 Jan 2024 9:40 AM | Jim New (Administrator)

The State Board of the Nevada Faculty Alliance fully supports our higher education colleagues in the California Faculty Association who have voted for a system-wide strike at California State University campuses from January 22-26. Despite a strong showing with thousands of faculty, students, staff, and community allies walking picket lines at campuses in Pomona, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Sacramento in early December, the CFA has been unable to reach agreement with CSU management on proposals to improve working conditions, compensation, leave, and equity

While the NFA led a successful fight to secure responsible cost-of-living adjustments for higher education professionals in the Silver State, our counterparts in the Golden State have encountered an intransigent CSU administration. CFA negotiators have made a good-faith effort to avoid a walkout, but to no avail.

Unlike Nevada where strikes by higher education professionals are prohibited, the California Supreme Court has ruled multiple times in support of public sector strikes. As recently as April 2023, the court upheld previous rulings that “strikes by public employees are not unlawful at common law unless or until it is clearly demonstrated that such a strike creates a substantial and imminent threat to the health or safety of the public.” In multiple cases, including several involving higher education, the Court has affirmed, “[w]hen an employer refuses to yield, whether on questions concerning its bargaining proposals or alleged unfair conduct, a strike becomes the ultimate, and often only, recourse available to employees.” For CFA, the strike is clearly a last resort. The Nevada Faculty Alliance stands in solidarity. We encourage our members to lend a hand to the effort in any way they feel is suitable.

  • Join a picket line if you can - Site information available in registration form
  • Submit a verbal or written public comment during the January 30 meeting of the CSU Board of Trustees. Members of the public who wish to offer public comment during the meeting may do so in-person or virtually/telephonically by providing a written request to
  • Donate to the strike hardship relief fund (details to follow)

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